We are passionate change makers and work Internationally in the regenerative economies of the future for this world.
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Meet The Team


Dee Kyne

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Visionary Dee Kyne is an award winning serial social entrepreneur and social change maker who has worked throughout the world in a number of sectors at leadership levels, organisations. Dee became Earth Rights Walker eight years ago and walked 6000 miles to support a Law to End Ecocide the fifth law against peace to be enshrined at the UN in the Rome Statute.

Dee’s works at present to support the development and growth of individuals connecting them to nature and deep inner practice, she use her experience and matrix of connections to support and walk beside other earth rights walkers, social entrepreneurs, and change makers in the regenerative economies of the future for this world today.


Tamara Atkinson

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Tamara is a creative community activist with a commitment to social justice.Her academic and professional experience has focused on exploring a solution-based response to gendered violence within the UK and the Caribbean; contributing to a range of projects tackling issues from homelessness, food waste, sexual violence and diversity.

Tamara's current work joins the social movement to redefine stories of activist and human relationship with the Earth. She is co-founder of the One Love One Step movement; created as an exploration of community activism in practice using long-distance walking to identify community responses and solutions to social and environmental threats.


Manuel Trindade Correia Marques

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Manuel has lived for consequent periods of time in eight countries, in three continents, and worked in several service, social and environmental industries, leading international and multicultural projects, systematically improving internal and external comms, service design, process management, recruitment and project management. Multilingual, he is fully proficient in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch, and has also learned Polish, Japanese, Khmer and German.

A champion for the Earth, Manuel works at the forefront of social and environmental change both nationally and internationally.