Local communities of Santa Clara and Saboia expose the mismanagement of the Santa Clara Barragem by the ABMira.

The Santa Clara Barragem, located 4 km from the parish headquarters, covers an area of ​​1986 hectares, being considered one of the largest in Europe. Fed by the River Mira, from Santa Clara the water runs through 84.9 km of channels, 50.4 km of distributors and 309.6 km of irrigation machines.

The Association of Beneficiaries of the Mira (ABMira) is responsible for the management, operation and conservation of the Santa Clara dam. Controlled by the intensive food industry of the coast and with the seal of the government and the various ministries the ABMira has conducted a policy of degradation of water - a vital resource for the municipality of Odemira.

ABMira, which has in its main objectives the representation and defense of its beneficiaries, is responsible for 30%-40% of losses in distribution, denies water to the river and small farmers to "give" it to a small group of large companies that leave an unsustainable and unbearable social and ecological footprint for the communities and the territory.

We the people demand of the Government:

- Priority restoration of the ecological flow to the Mira River

- Public management of a unique and common resource

- Change in distribution priorities: 1st Rio Mira, 2nd Populations and 3rd ALL farmers (not only those in the current irrigation perimeter) and industry

- Investments in infrastructure to reduce losses (closed pipes and return system)

- Greater efficiency in consumption: everyone pays for the amount they consume and at the same price.

- Immediate blocking of the plan to expand intensive production areas on the coast.

- Urgent maintenance of the WWTP's that discharge into the Mira River, especially the one in Sabóia.

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